On February 27th 2015, I travelled to Bangkok, Thailand. I had the chance to visit the Erawan Shrine.

This was before the Bangkok bomb 2015 that took place in August 2015

The shrine is located at intersection Ratchadamri Road(Ratchaprasong Junction), just a walking distance from the famous Central World | เซ็นทรัลเวิร์ด and Siam Paragon | สยามพารากอน

This is where visitors come to pay homage to Phra Phrom พระพรหม Sanskrit: Para Brahma.

More commonly in Malaysia, the Chinese calls it Four-faced Buddha 四面佛 (Buddha is commonly thought to be one of Vishnu's avatar)

It's identifiable as the hindu deity, Brahma as it has four-faces symbolizing the four Vedas with one of it's hand's is holding a prayer bead and a book though there are variations from the Indian version.

It's interesting to see how a Hindu deity is worship in a predominately Buddhist society.

It shows the depth of the Hindu roots in South East Asia even in our own Malay culture.

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